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Friday, August 13, 2010

Have Mixer, Will Bake

I recently received the best back-to-school gift (or maybe it was a graduation gift) from my parents (yes, after all these years, my parents are still buying me back-to-school items) - a Sunbeam Mixmaster stand mixer! No, its not a Kitchenaid (those are a little too pricey at this time), but it has a lot of power, which is just what I need. You see, I jammed the beater connection on my Black & Decker hand-held mixer during my second Wilton Cake Decorating class, Flowers and Cake Design. It made it through all my previous batches of buttercream icing, but the royal icing was too much for it. And when I tried to use it with just one beater, the sound the motor made was, in a word, awful. So I made do with the icing I had left over, as well as borrowing from others (thanks BlogStarr!). My parents took pity on me (they usually do) when they found out, and this is what they sent home with me:


So, here I am, up at all hours, finishing my cakes and icing for my Tiered Cakes Class tomorrow, and I am loving my mixer. Have mixer, will bake! Any special requests?

Life's short. Eat dessert first!

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