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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Let Them Eat Cake!

This last Spring, my friend Christine (aka BlogStarr) and I started taking Wilton Cake Decorating classes at her local Hobby Lobby. We have had great fun learning a new skill and our families have enjoyed devouring the fruits of our labor. That is, when they finally got to cut into the cakes we made. You see, after spending hours putting them together, it was nice to just enjoy the finished product. Our families, of course, had other plans. They wanted to eat the cakes immediately upon our return from class each week. It isn't that they didn't appreciate the beauty of the finished product. They just wanted to enjoy the taste as well! Unfortunately for them, saying "cake" a hundred times didn't help their cause any. In fact, it pushed the inevitable cake cutting out to a later date each time the word "cake" was uttered. I enjoyed sharing my masterpieces with them, honestly, but the constant asking/reminding grew quite irritating. So, instead of letting them consume the final product, I stewed and made them wait. Looking back, I know they weren't intentionally being irritating (well, except maybe one of them). They were just showing their appreciation. You see, if they didn't really like the cakes, they wouldn't want to eat them, now would they? So in the future, I say Let Them Eat Cake! Bon Appetit!

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